Startup Arewa in collaboration with mAcademy (www.mylearningacademy), Nigeria’s foremost e-learning platform, organized a one-week summer programming school for kids to train Nigeria’s next generation of problem solvers.
According to a program organizer Mr. Jamil, who is also an instructor in the training, the program was organized to develop the cognitive, logical and problem-solving skills of the kids.

During the course of the training, the kids were introduced to the rudimentary of computer programming and web development using HTML language. The kids were all smiles as they enjoyed their last day of class. The parents were not left out in the share of happiness as they expressed their appreciation to the organizers of the code camp for the opportunity.

At the end of the training, the kids displayed the websites they developed using the skills they have acquired during the training. The training might have ended but the learning process continues as the kids can continue unlocking their hidden potentials by learning to programme on a dedicated learning platform Startup Arewa intends to make this a regular event, so be on the watch for the next training.

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